AdvaRules - Open source general purpose action management software


The purpose of this program meant to run in Windows background/systray, and to provide a flexible way to make your computer do things at certain situations.
For example, you can use AdvaRules to:
- Overclock your GPU when playing a game
- Underclock your GPU when computer is running idle
- Automatically restart a buggy program when it dies

It actually started from one spesific need: make my ATI Radeon HD4870 card underclock when running idle.
I measured with a power meter and realized that underclocking my card saves me about 30 watts of power (yes, really, idle watts).
ATI driver underclocks the core by default, but it doesn't underclock memory. Besides I want to overclock in certain situations, so ATI's program doesn't do the job 100% for me.


More action types:
- Direct support for over/underclocking NVIDIA cards.
- Direct support for over/underclocking Intel processors and motherboards.
- Direct support for over/underclocking AMD processors.

Known bugs:
- Condition/action display texts don't update when modifying a string collection in the properties.

If you have any ideas on how to further improve this program, please contact me at


Latest release: AdvaRules v1.0.4 Release
Source code:
Older releases and debug releases: